Friday, December 30, 2011

Dog Blog Office Report from Wales..

Now a warning ..... this shows dogs and puppies in terrible conditions.  BUT we all need to wise up and stop this going on at all - don't watch if you are too sensitive about seeing animals in these conditions.  What we should be doing is ALL wising up getting everyone we know to wise up :_


Here is the video  - tell everyone you know about this and lets start a campaign to stop this vicious trade.

Our dogs are warm and loved.  All domestic dogs deserve this......................


Dog Blog Office Extra

HI All  What a kerfuffle yesterday...  Gina was painting in her room and she came out and shouted "There's a dog on the other side of the fence."  She was just checking the chickens and noticed them looking over the fence up the road from Souleillou.  Off she went to inspect the wayward dog, and came back looking for a lead.  You would never guess, it was one of Lizzy's puppies - all grown up, about 14 months old, and obviously lost.

Gina brought her in, and she was a bigger version of Jane!!!!! with blue eyes....  Off Gina went with Floconette ( we found out her name ), to take her back to the lady that collected her last year and apparently, the owner was driving about looking for her.  How about that !!!!  We now have the owner's phone no in case Floconette wanders back anytime.  Here is a picture of her sister who was very similar ( sent by the new owners in Carcassonne ) and one of when she was a puppy.  Gina did not have time to get pictures but next time we see her I shall expect pictures.

Not much else going on, Gina is painting, no stray dogs today and the it is tipping down.  
Happy New Year to all.....

Jane et al......x.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Dog Blog is moving to New Offices.

Hi everyone.  The New Dog Blog Office will be moving as soon as the Decor and Plant and Machinery have been moved until then you can find us here.

Jane Lizzy and @Enry.....  busy busy......


The DogBlogOffice - New Premises.

Opening Soon.  The New DogBlogOffice

Watch this Space.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dog Blog Christmas Day News.

Hi All   Hope your Christmas Day went as well as ours... And that Boxing Day will be a good one too....  Have some photos for you,  Lizzy and I spent the morning on the Randonnee and the afternoon at our friends with  the Setter Dogs.  The lovely Phoebe, Caline and Zozo.  We had a really really good day  and we met another old friend on the randonnee Guiness who was looking very festive in the a tinsel collar.

Don't you just love the last one.  Callie has got Gina well trained.  Think her and Callie both had had plenty to eat and drink......  Talk  soon.

The Dog Blog Office   oh by the way the guy with Jane is 'Enry - he doesn't say much....

Jane Lizzy and 'Enry....XXXXX.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sunny day at the Dog Blog Office.

Hiya all.

This is us hard at work , at the Dog Blog Office,  Christmas Eve...  Owww we love it here ...... 'Enry has got the day off I think.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and all those dogs that don't have homes now, get one quick.

All at the Dog Blog Office. XXX.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dog Blog Office - Osiris

Hiya All   Just to let you know the lovely Osiris has found a home and will enjoy a happy and comfortable Christmas with her new owner....

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Jane Lizzy and the new office boy Ali XXXX.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Plea FOR OSIRIS from Dog Blog Office.

Hi All

Osiris,she is still looking for a home!      Osiris - Poodle-Urgent

 This lovely little poodle through no fault of her own, has a really desperate plight.  She is being looked after by one of the helpers at SPA Carcassone but that is only temporary.  There is no way this little lady 13 years will survive in a cold outdoor kennel in the winter.

We are looking for someone who wants a close companion and has time  and love to share with this delightful little dog.

 Jane , Lizzy and Gina at the Dog Blog Office.  You can contact us on this website or go to SPA at Carcassone Direct.  There address, email and phone number can be found on the link.
FINGERS CROSSED.......I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS........................

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dog Blog Office at Home

Hiya  A few days ago, Gina had a birthday and I felt I really should help sort out the mail and make sure that the envelopes were truly empty.  I have to add that Lizzy, who is a goody 2 shoes and would never dream of tearing up paper - so the the shredding is left to me, took no part in this exercise whatsoever.

Gina had some great cards, lots had pictures of hens on them  ???????  Where were the doggy ones I asked myself ?  But as you can see from these pictures Lizzy took, just to make sure everyone knew it was me who had shredded the envelopes, I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPECSAVERS...!!!!!

Rubbish these specs, going to get a pair of my own !!!!

Bye for now.

The Staff at the Dog Blog Office..


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dog Blog Newflash Plastic to Oil Fantastic OW2.0


HI Everbody just seen this amazing video on Y tube.  How Fantastic is this.  We must make sure everyone is aware of what can be done with a little ingenuity.

Jane and Lizzy Reporting :   Just thought the world should know about this.  Even dogs need to know the world is a safe and renewable place......

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi All
We, that is Lizzy and I, went to report on how the Setters were doing,  these were always very good friends, we heard, of Hamish.  About that time Phoebe was just a gay young thing and Cassie sadly like Hamish is no longer with us.

The idea was to have a bit of a get together and report on how the Setter Girls were getting on.  Well, Phoebe is now the head of the household, Casse ( English Setter ) probably really runs the joint, and the newbie Zoe who is now bigger that anybody else.  Another aristocrat with connections in the show ring  !!!!  She is a good egg though and got enough energy to run a power station.

We had a good chat and the everything is going really well, the randonnee still heads the list for most popular place to go and Lizzy got a picture of them after all the celebrations ( for those who don't have dogs - this entails hairing round the garden at about 600 miles per hour till one of us fall over and can't get up. ).

In dog parlance this is a pile of dogs.  Zozo at the front, Callie disguised as a Plum Pudding, and the lovely Phoebe at the back.

Next time we visit I will try to get a video of us all do the hairing around bit.

Jane, Lizzy just about to get our heads down......  Nighty night.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Excitement at the Dog Blog Office.

Hi All   Wow! Has there been a buzz in the office today.  Perhaps I had better start at the beginning.  Gina took us both out for a constitutional on the randonnee today and I was really peeved because Lizzy got to go off the lead and being the little smarty pants that she is she kept coming back and checking where we were.  Mind you when she did come back we both got Double Gloucester Cheese.  Well, I suddenly twigged the trick is to act as if you don't really want to join, just keep your head down and act dumb.  I did this so well that I got to get off the lead and I thought I'll show them I can walk off the lead and not run off as well.  I did so well we got a load more Double Gloucester Cheese - mmm yummy..  Gina got back to the house and was so delighted with us we got a pigs ear each !!!  RESULT..

Then we had to go into the Dog Blog office so Gina could do a little video of us.  So here that is.
Well, as usual Lizzy ended up on the carpet eating my bone ...............
So what was next oh yes Jim went down to the mailbox and came back with a letter and in it were pictures of Lizzy's to pups that went to Carcassonne.  You remember Lizzy's pups ??  Here is a picture of Lizzy with all her puppies  - of course you remember now.

Well you should see them two now.  13 months old.  Here is a picture of them now.  Can you spot them in the top picture...???

They are in a very nice home with great people looking after them and Gina was very happy about getting the pictures.....

So all in all not a bad day's work.  The weather here today has been wonderful, they have been doing stuff you know like walls, and washing etc..

Talk soon

Jane Lizzy et al......X

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dog Blog special

This just in from Survive France.  Stuart Wilson really knows how to pick 'em.  I have a really soft centre for  Boxers and this adorable puppy will break someone's heart..

I just checked this out myself - tried the paws option hhehehehe...  if the link still does not work.  Click Ytube in the bottom right hand corner and you can see it direct on Ytube. Jane, just off for bone break...

Hope you enjoy as much as we all did in the office.  Thanks Stuart for the memories...

Jane, Lizzy et al. XXX


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jane and Lizzy Dog Blog Office - Special from Exeter

Hi  there all you doggy friends and friends of dogs.

From one of our overseas reporters this came just 24 hours ago.

Amazing pictures of the most adorable Retriever Cross and the cutest little girl.  She is called, the dog that is, Holly 4 years old and the little girl is called Eleonor and she is 17 months old and is the daughter of Lynne with the Setter's niece. But aren't these just the most magical pictures.  Now if we could collect some more - I could start a special page just for lovely doggy photos.  Ta Eleonor's Mum for letting us have the pictures.

 Nice name Eleonor.  There was, once upon a time, a Princess in France , called Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Very regal.....

Jane and Lizzy.  just off to beddy byes.......

BBC News - Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors

BBC News - Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Here we go again. Just hot of the presses. For those of you interested in the reporting Gina was doing about the Shale Fracking - which has many names now, but they all still mean the same thing.

You would think starting an earthquake however minor in an area not well known for earthquakes , that someone somewhere would wonder if this kind of energy exploration was safe. !!!!

Jane and Lizzy - running wild somewhere up on the randonnee.....

Yeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

PS Special Announcement.  Above is a picture of Jim and Lynne of the Setter Dogs, at Libos Market just up the road from here.  It was Lynne's Birthday and we all want to wish Lynne a Very Happy Belated Birthday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dog Blog Office Update

This is a News Extra from the Dog Blog Office.  It has come to my notice that we have some new followers, I think it would be sensational if we could have pictures of our followers and then we could have a Rogues Gallery for all to see.  Maybe we could call this the Dog Rog Hahahahahah...  Roger Dodger over and out.

Anyway always nice to welcome new people and don't forget we are always interested in your stories, could think of better things to chew ( opps I mean do ) than editing ALL day.  Lizzy has come up with some ideas for Doguco and Gruffwords and I told her to keep working on it.  If you have any better ideas I would be very grateful.

Till next time enjoy your walks, truffle hunting or whatever turns you on.

Jane Lizzy and the team...


At the Dog Blog Office....

Hi Everyone
Hot off the Dog Blog Presses.  Lizzy is at this moment working on the Pictures so you can see for yourself.  Two friends of ours - Cleo and Annie have been walking around the vinyards in the Departement du Lot and have sent in amazing pictures of the vines at this time of the year.

Here are a few for you to enjoy:-

Cleo and Annie

Vinyards when we set out.

Vineyards as we were arriving back.
 Gina Hams reporting for the Jane and Lizzie Dog Blog.     
Midday  26.10.2011 ( hope I get expenses for this ).

And here just in from Survive France is an amazing new dog product to help humans deal with us brainy dogs.

Could this be the answer to the horrors of stepping in doggy doo while potting your four-legged friend at night?

Fluorescent dog biscuits which, logically, glow in the dark when they come out of the other end.

Oww er...  not too sure about this, but I am told that it is useful if you live in an area where there are no street lights.

Well that is it for now.  Going to check that Lizzy is researching up the field and not just sun bathing......

Dog Bloggers signing out.   and hey have a Nice Day.

It's a good life if you don't weaken.........  hhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last minute rush at the Dog Blog Office....

Jane here at the Dog Blog Office....

All very casual here you know.  Well when she is not around anyway.  This is Lizzie doing some proof reading for our next article .  I felt I should include some pictures of her as she sulks like mad if I get all the limelight.  Her assistant is Thomas the Squeak who has lost his Squeak and has been asking about putting an ad in the new Lost and Found Column ( which we haven't done yet! ).

Lizzie  -  eyes down for a full house.  Sorry get carried away you know.  We are looking for other dawgs to send in articles and pictures which we can put on here and will pay absolutely nothing to publish them.

She has been doing quite well, but every so often complains that she is feeling dizzy - hardly surprising with those eyes !!! ( Please note coordinating cloth on the settee to match Lizzy's lighter  bits ) yeh I know she made me put that bit in.  And she keeps nipping off ( sorry yet more puns ) to go and do a bit of guarding which I don't mind too much as it saves my voice.

Well we are researching interesting articles of all sorts for our publications and look forward to giving you a rounded dog view of the world around us.

Jane Lizzy and Squeakless Thomas.  A Bientot.

She is such a woose that Lizzy.  I am in charge so I get all the toys....


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gina is back from England.

Hi All
this is jane here.  Sorry bout all the mis steaks ( oh don't you just love that woord ) but still in train ning.  Gina is back from England and I thawt I had beter get some edit oral done to show er haw gd Lizzy and I are at this edit orial thing we are.

We ave ad a great time while she as bin in Englond Jim let us run riot somethin bout it was easier to just let us dig up the garden than getting up and down to open the b****y doors all the time.
Well, smarty pants lizzy found this lind and fought you might like to see this go here

Think this is what Gina has been on about !!!!!! she keeps sayin it anyway.  Enjoy.

Jane and Lizzy......

Got to go and have a sleep now.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JaneLizzyHamishandFriends - new title for the blog.

Hi All

Due to unforseen circumstances ( like I messed up!) we have a new WWW. address :-

The new blog is called     JaneLizzyHamishandFriends   and will be run by Jane, the new editor and Lizzy, General Dogsbody ( sorry about the pun ).

HR Department ( ie ME ) is at the moment training the new staff and will hand over totally in 2 weeks time. - Goodness knows how we will get on - neither is as bright as Hamish was and neither as totally unconcerned with things that are of no concern to them as Buddy.  Tant pis...  Que sera, sera....

Here is a picture of Jane in Training for her new role :

Exhausted after yet another training session.
And this is Lizzy watching a training video for the cutting and pasting on the blogs :

I mean the look on the face says it all.....  Well we will be training again tomorrow, after a light lunch and a run on the randonne....

Progress eh !!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hamish would NOT approve of this.

Hi Folks.

Little story to tell you about last Saturday.  Just when I thought these dogs could no longer spring any surprises on me, I decided early last Saturday morning up on the high randonnee ( a place we have taken Jane and Lizzy many many times ) as they had both been so good off the lead one at a time, to let them both off.  It only takes a second hahahaha  they were GONE.  Vamoose - never to be seen again that day.  We spent the whole day hanging about, searching, yelling, whistling and as a last resort my friend Lynne and I together with her Setter Dogs went up to the randonnee about 7.30 - 8.00 pm.  NOTHING..

I thought that is it, I will never see them again.  But, as a last resort Jim and I went back up to the randonnee at 8.30 on Sunday morning and the little horrors were sat where we had previously parked the car - WAITING FOR US...!!!!

Jane just wanted to get in the car, but Lizzy was squealing with delight.  Well, the upshot was that they slept the pair of them for nearly 36 hours straight.  I suppose it is some kind of vague hope in my mind that MAYBE just MAYBE they have learnt a lesson but somehow I don't think so.

This is Jane during that time after the return....

Then the following Tuesday we had a BBQ for our french neighbours and some English friends from just further up the road and when Lynne was taking Phoebe (one of the Red Setters )back to the car, Jane sneaked out and I shouted to Lynne and before you could say Jack Robinson Jane had got into Lynnes car and made herself at home. I am pretty sure she thought we were off to the randonne again.  She laid in the back seat of the car, all the doors were wide open because of the heat, and was quite obviously waiting for the rest of us to join her !!!  I just went and got her lead and brought her in.  Funniest thing I have seen in ages..

Well we won't be going up the randonnee for a while far too hot, quiet dog walks in the cool times for now..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Buying a Puppy?

I was handed this little leaflet when I bought my entrance ticket to the Dog Show in Cahors yesterday.  If you are considering buying a Puppy in France this is a list of the obligations the breeder has to adhere to.  Make sure you have all this paperwork, you know how they love paperwork here in France.

Hope this helps....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Day at Cahors Dog Show.

Hiya All

I have been to the Cahors Canine du Lot Dog Show today and very interesting it was.  Wonderful venu.  Great weather.  Tons and tons of dogs, big, little, fat , thin, chunky, elegant, disconcerting, and downright gorgeous.

Here are some pictures that I took today.

So you can see we had a pretty good day.  My girls, gorgeous, but not registered breeds ( goodness only know what Lizzie is !) had to stay at home so after a good walk down on the road to St Cyprien, where incidently we banged into one of Lizzy pups and pretty good she looked too, they stayed indoors with a pigs ear each in the cool of the house.  Good as Gold.  But then I expect nothing less now.

Incidently, did you spot the crossbred, ( but now recognised ) alsatian/wolf .  I had a chat with him.  Big guy and very laid back.  You can't mistake those wolf legs.  Hilary, one of my old friends from the veterinary surgery would have loved him.
Signing off for now.  Got to put a new page on for the ladies at the Refuge for Dogs in Cahors - you will find the information on a separate page.  Bye for now.

and my two good girls.

This is the link for the Refuge Website

And this is the link to the Page devoted to them.