Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Hi Everyone,

Due to pressure of work on the Art and Theatrical side, I am discontinuing this blog.  You will find my artwork on  a New Website at :-    You can always leave a message here or leave a message on the new site...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gina Hams

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 This is an example of some of my Artwork..... G x

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gina Hams in Times Square New York ????

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Jane says "Just do it".

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Dog Blog - Missing persons......

Hi All

I had to write this article because the girls, Jane and Lizzy have been given time off to recover from an unsanctioned disappearing act on Saturday 14th April...

I was in England and Jim rang to say , that he had just let them out while he did the chickens and from finishing the chickens to getting down to the house the little  ****  darlings had disappeared.   He rang me back some time later ( 7 1/2 hrs later !!!)  11.00 o'clock at night to say that they had turned up on the front doorstep, demanding attention.  When he opened the door they marched into the kitchen and sat in front of their food bin.  Well the cheek of it !!!!!  Fortunately they did not smell...

Here is a picture of Jane after said food !!!!!

Yes , very elegant I am sure...... Lizzie bless will only go if she happens to be with Jane when Jane makes a run for freedom.  Really must get that electronic fence installed.  Trouble is, it won't stop raining....  Everything is nice and green though...  I will probably forgive them in short order !!!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dog Blog Office Special

hI aLL   This keyboard has a mind of it's own.  Everytime I put my paws on it, it just does it's own thing.  Anyway, for today.

The peach has come out fully - Look at this.   La Vie est Belle..


The gang at the Office......

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dog Blog Office - Spring starts tomorrow

Morn'g All...  Don't forget to put your clocks back tonight.  We lose an hour but gain an hour of light in the evenings...  Yessssssssssssss  Longer dog walks....

Jane getting very hot but sticking it out.
Here is a collection of this mornings photos for you... 

Lizzy trying to make up her mind whether to go in or stay out !
 The Lemon tree is producing another lot of flowers.

And look what the Artic Blast did to the Evergreen Jasmines.  Hope they recover....

The peach tree, just coming into bloom.  So late this year, and the Nashi Pear has not even started yet.  That is usually first...  Pansies always come good again when the weather improves.  Love the way they bring back the sunshine in their flowers.

The Wisteria is late too, but well on the way to blossoming now.

  Like I said , don't forget to put the clocks forward tonight and do your bit for Sport Aid.  Have a great weekend...

Jane Lizzy and @enry....who has been missing for some time now.....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dog Blog Office - News Flash

Hi All

Quick News Flash... I went out for a wander about with Lizzy on Saturday ( all day actually, Gina was not best pleased. Heard her saying something about getting an E fence.!!! ) Anyway came back with a load of ticks.  Gina went potty started combing me frazzled fur and go about 6 ticks off me.  They were pretty dozy as I had my skin stuff on for killing bugs, but thought it was time to remind everybody out there  " It is that time of year again " get down to the Chemist or the Vets and get all dosed up .  In France there are some real nasties about which can be avoided just by regularly taking care with the killer of bugs stuff - and by the way that is for inside and out !!!!

More info on this  Page .  It is a link to a great article which will give you loads of information.

Well it was a very long walk......  ohhhh Home Sweet Home.....

Jane Lizzy and  ( where is @enry !!??)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Patience of a Saint.

 This Great Dane has the patience of a Saint.  Had to post this, Gina found it on the internet,  she likes Spotty dogs...

Jane and co........xx

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dog Blog Office reopens after the big freeze

Good morning all you good folks out there.

  We are at last getting some sunshine after all that snow and ice, unfortunately it is still pretty cold , but the Meteo in France says that is all going to change by the end of next week.  So - Gina has been moaning (again ) that when it is warm enough to get back out to do some gardening, the ground will be baked dry and she won't be able to dig.

We should care, that means lots of walks up on the randonne and all the doors in the house open.  Doing our office work from under the table on the veranda and peace at Souleillou again.  You can see from the pics the snowdrops are here , but I doubt for long , and fingers crossed that all the plants have survived otherwise there will be too much gardening and not enough randonnee walking....

Well with that thought I will leave you...till next time..... PS she is painting like mad - so go and see her paintings for goodness sake...  she has some on Facebook now this is the link...

Jane Lizzy and @enry..... xxx

This is Lizzy after successfully burying her bone and nicking Jane's bone and burying that as well..

Tant Pis.... xxxxx

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Blog Office - Communications Breakdown.

Hi All   Thought that I had better post this , as it looks as if Gina is going the have to send the computer away.  The lid of the laptop is not talking properly to the keyboard.  To say it is intermittent ( is very difficult ) but it is, so just in case it has a hissy fit and has to go away to be repaired, you have been warned.  You can still send us emails or fill in the comment boxes as she says she can pick these up on a friend's computer, but she adds , she cannot answer them till the computer is up and running again.  So until then.... See ya.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Blog Office Reports the Snow......

Has gone away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  But , instead of taking us out.  She went shopping and made us go with her and all we got was a miserable scrabble around the back of Gamm Vert and a quick look from above of the River Lot.  We are not 'appy and are demanding a proper walk tomorrow.  Route march or Randonnee don't mind just make it a long one....

The Crew of the Spaceship DogBlogOffice.

Jane Lizzy and @enry.......

Monday, February 13, 2012

Still Snow at Dog Blog Office.....

Brrrrrrrrr  Morning to Everyone.      We are still up to our butts in Snow !!!

This was taken earlier this morning..  13th February and the snow is still lying on the patio.  We are all truly fed up with this weather.  It is soooooooooooo cold out there and has been for 10 days now.  Unheard of in these parts of France, well once in a Blue Moon and apparently we have a Blue Moon upon us.  Lizzy would not even get out of bed for this photo and @enry haven't got a clue where he is.  Up against one of the radiatiors I am sure.

Here is another , this is the view at the front of the house.  I just hope the weather reports are right and that some warm air is on it's way.  Think that a lot of Gina's precious garden plants are doomed this winter.....
See what I mean.  Normally this time of year we are looking at Snowdrops and the Daffs are coming up.  Lovely violets and sunny days...  What happened - Mini Ice Age - loads of folks round and about suffering from frozen pipes and broken down boilers.  It is bad enough when the heating works , they must be really hoping  the weather is starting to turn back to normal.

Will get back to you as soon as we see some improvement, in the meantime keep warm and sleep tight.

Jane, Lizzy and @enry..... x

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowing at the Dog Blog Office

Hi Everyone.  Yes the time has come to Open the New Dog Blog Office.  As it is snowing outside :-

The chickens are in and the dogs are in, waiting to see how much snow there will be, so we thought, "Sort out the New Office..... "   Well, after a little nap as near as possible to a radiator.  We will be posting from here in future but you can always get the old posts that I have not transferred  by going to  :-

Old Dog Blog Posts

So as soon as we can get out and about again.....  Keep warm and snug......

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.......................X

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The New Lexus

Hi y'all
Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that we have a bit of a pash for fast cars.  This is the all new Concept Car from Lexus

Bit Awesome... eh ..

Wow need to go and have lie down now.

The Dog Blog Office..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dog Blog Office reporting from the Artic.

Hiya this is Lizzy and Jane.   We heard about these amazing dogs on very special website about Alaskan Huskies and Malamutes and have brought it to your attention because we just could not believe the size of feet.
Go here to see this article scroll down till you see the pic of this dog's feet.

Truly Awesome.....


Jane Lizzy and 'enry......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shale Fracking and Stuff at the Dog Blog Office.

Hiya All  As anyone who reads this blog knows - we feel very strongly about this beautiful place that we live in, not least because we live here, but because people come here for a holiday away from the stress of an everyday working life to enjoy it's tranquillity and wonderful scenery.  Shale Fracking, the extraction of Gas using water and chemicals under pressure to break the gas free from a layer of shale deep below the earth's surface -  is known to create havoc in the enviroments where is used.  Well, after all the uncovering of deceit and deception in the Cahors area, they (governments and local authorities )  are still trying to revoke decisions to stop Gas Fracking in other areas in France ( often by just calling it something else).  It all smells a bit and I am not talking the smell of Gas here.. Here is a video from America showing the water supply in a house that is in the area of a Shale Fracking Mine .......

Yes I know unbelievable is it not ?   How can anyone ignore this proof of the problem ?????

Go to this link to see the latest reports on what is happening in France.....

It is important that we all pay attention to this issue and don't leave it to other people to do something about it.  This could affect the most vunerable and those with livings in areas where there is no other way to make a living.  Lastly,  we don't own this planet we live on it, and if we want to leave a habitable place for generations to come we had better start to wise up now or we will have to find another planet and as far as I know we have not found one yet.

Please pass the word around, they want us to be complacent - let's show them we are not.

Have to admit I, Gina Hams, wrote this nothing to do with the Dog Blog Office staff, but they have allowed me to have my say here.  Let hope you will do something as well and Have Yours...

What follows is a video of what Shale Gas Fracking has done in Blackpool..!!!!

Gina Hams   Correspondent in the Field for the Dog Blog Office.  Please help to bring this to the forefront of peoples minds .................................

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dog Blog Office Poster

Morning all....  We have a new poster on the wall in the Dog Blog Office and thought we would share it with you....

You know it makes sense.

Jane, Lizzy and 'Enry.......

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dog Blog Office and now the good news.

Hiya All  Our friend David Pemberton of the Famous Ales in France shop  has just adopted Mocha , a chocolate labrador.
David's Shop is about 1/2 hrs drive from us and we go there when we want some necessities like Tea Bags or little treats like scones and crumpets.  But he does all sorts of delightful stuff and we even got Christmas Crackers at Christmas.  Go to his website to get all the information and see if he could help you. ( Thank God for the Tea Bags at very reasonable prices ).

Here is the wonderful Mocha.....

Jane Lizzy and our 'Enry......  x.