Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Blog Office - Communications Breakdown.

Hi All   Thought that I had better post this , as it looks as if Gina is going the have to send the computer away.  The lid of the laptop is not talking properly to the keyboard.  To say it is intermittent ( is very difficult ) but it is, so just in case it has a hissy fit and has to go away to be repaired, you have been warned.  You can still send us emails or fill in the comment boxes as she says she can pick these up on a friend's computer, but she adds , she cannot answer them till the computer is up and running again.  So until then.... See ya.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Blog Office Reports the Snow......

Has gone away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  But , instead of taking us out.  She went shopping and made us go with her and all we got was a miserable scrabble around the back of Gamm Vert and a quick look from above of the River Lot.  We are not 'appy and are demanding a proper walk tomorrow.  Route march or Randonnee don't mind just make it a long one....

The Crew of the Spaceship DogBlogOffice.

Jane Lizzy and @enry.......

Monday, February 13, 2012

Still Snow at Dog Blog Office.....

Brrrrrrrrr  Morning to Everyone.      We are still up to our butts in Snow !!!

This was taken earlier this morning..  13th February and the snow is still lying on the patio.  We are all truly fed up with this weather.  It is soooooooooooo cold out there and has been for 10 days now.  Unheard of in these parts of France, well once in a Blue Moon and apparently we have a Blue Moon upon us.  Lizzy would not even get out of bed for this photo and @enry haven't got a clue where he is.  Up against one of the radiatiors I am sure.

Here is another , this is the view at the front of the house.  I just hope the weather reports are right and that some warm air is on it's way.  Think that a lot of Gina's precious garden plants are doomed this winter.....
See what I mean.  Normally this time of year we are looking at Snowdrops and the Daffs are coming up.  Lovely violets and sunny days...  What happened - Mini Ice Age - loads of folks round and about suffering from frozen pipes and broken down boilers.  It is bad enough when the heating works , they must be really hoping  the weather is starting to turn back to normal.

Will get back to you as soon as we see some improvement, in the meantime keep warm and sleep tight.

Jane, Lizzy and @enry..... x

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowing at the Dog Blog Office

Hi Everyone.  Yes the time has come to Open the New Dog Blog Office.  As it is snowing outside :-

The chickens are in and the dogs are in, waiting to see how much snow there will be, so we thought, "Sort out the New Office..... "   Well, after a little nap as near as possible to a radiator.  We will be posting from here in future but you can always get the old posts that I have not transferred  by going to  :-

Old Dog Blog Posts

So as soon as we can get out and about again.....  Keep warm and snug......

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.......................X