Monday, March 19, 2012

Dog Blog Office - News Flash

Hi All

Quick News Flash... I went out for a wander about with Lizzy on Saturday ( all day actually, Gina was not best pleased. Heard her saying something about getting an E fence.!!! ) Anyway came back with a load of ticks.  Gina went potty started combing me frazzled fur and go about 6 ticks off me.  They were pretty dozy as I had my skin stuff on for killing bugs, but thought it was time to remind everybody out there  " It is that time of year again " get down to the Chemist or the Vets and get all dosed up .  In France there are some real nasties about which can be avoided just by regularly taking care with the killer of bugs stuff - and by the way that is for inside and out !!!!

More info on this  Page .  It is a link to a great article which will give you loads of information.

Well it was a very long walk......  ohhhh Home Sweet Home.....

Jane Lizzy and  ( where is @enry !!??)

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