Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Dog Blog - Missing persons......

Hi All

I had to write this article because the girls, Jane and Lizzy have been given time off to recover from an unsanctioned disappearing act on Saturday 14th April...

I was in England and Jim rang to say , that he had just let them out while he did the chickens and from finishing the chickens to getting down to the house the little  ****  darlings had disappeared.   He rang me back some time later ( 7 1/2 hrs later !!!)  11.00 o'clock at night to say that they had turned up on the front doorstep, demanding attention.  When he opened the door they marched into the kitchen and sat in front of their food bin.  Well the cheek of it !!!!!  Fortunately they did not smell...

Here is a picture of Jane after said food !!!!!

Yes , very elegant I am sure...... Lizzie bless will only go if she happens to be with Jane when Jane makes a run for freedom.  Really must get that electronic fence installed.  Trouble is, it won't stop raining....  Everything is nice and green though...  I will probably forgive them in short order !!!!


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