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A page here about some of the useful facts that have slowly bubbled to the surface. I will try to put questions under a main title and then sub divide after that.

20 March 2012   HI All  some useful information about ticks  :-  Go to this link :-

This is on of Cesar Milan's pages.  Good dog man Cesar.

 La leishmaniose 

A sandfly, the parasite agent

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by a little hairy mosquito, the sandfly. The parasite multiplies in the white blood cells of infected individuals. The geographical areas most affected are around the Mediterranean basin. It is a disease deadly against which there is no vaccine (not yet anyway ).

Go to this link to get more information

Training a Rescue Dog.

I found this link and it looks like it has quite a bit of useful information :-

This is information is about taking home a Rescue Dog or Puppy.

After you have chosen a dog and gone through the paperwork, it is time to leave the pound with your new friend. There are some key points that will set you up for either success or failure, the choice is yours.
Refrain from giving the dog hugs and kisses at this time. You have a mission for the day and the more successful you are the more hugs and kisses you will later be able to give your new friend. To a human a hug is affection. It symbolizes love. For a dog however a hug is not love at all. A hug symbolizes a social status ranking representing dominance and an invasion of space. You will be invading the dog's space by wrapping your body on top of his before he has gotten the chance to know you and before he has gotten the chance to figure out his new place in this new pack. Even if this particular dog does not seem to mind your hugs and kisses, in order to properly ease the dog into their new life you must act like a dog and refrain your human affection until you communicate some key points to your new family member. This will lessen the stress level for the dog and possibly prevent a bite due to a lack of human canine communication.
Do not go straight home with your new family member. You need to walk the dog before you bring it home to burn off some of that energy and establish yourself as the leader of the pack in your dog's new life BEFORE you get to your house. When I say walk the dog most people picture themselves with a lead in their hands and the dog walking in front of them. Most people walk their dogs this way and guess what, most dogs believe they are higher in the pack order than the humans. Hence, our huge pet over-population problem. The humans need to "Speak Dog", because dogs cannot learn to speak human. You need to dig into your dog's mind and communicate with them that they are no longer alpha over humans. Therefore you MUST make your dog heel on the lead without pulling and you MUST go through all entrances and exits such as doorways and gates before the dog. Not just on this first day, but from this point forward. In a dog's mind the leader leads the way. If you allow your dog to go ahead of you then, whether you realize it or not, you are communicating to the dog that he is YOUR leader. Read, "The Proper Way to Walk a Dog".

I have put together this information and put in links to websites that also give good advice.  I am not the author of the advice on those pages but hope you will find there some useful information which may help you in particular.

PS On the link to "The Proper Way to Walk a Dog". you can see a Westie, not dissimilar to our "Hamish"  walking the walk !!!

 And the girls... 

Advice on Whelping.....

This is a rather useful link that I found.   Advice on Whelping

Loads of good info here.

G .

Hi All


How to quickly abort an unwanted pregnancy.
There is a facility provided by vets which is the equivalent to the day after pill.  It is quite expensive and you need to do this as quickly as possible once you know the dog is pregnant.

Pregnancy Termination for Dogs.

This link contains more specific information.  Gina .

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